About TPM

There is no world without you

“There is no world without you.”

Both physical and non-physical assets are assigned to all persons and are embedded in the ‘human package.’  Included in the metaphysical, or non-physical, attributes of each of us is the capacity to perform a set of innate behaviors on either side of a defining arc. The capacity granted to utilize these resources is a gift bestowed on all and is utilized in varying degrees by every person on the planet.  We identify this standard as the principles model.

Natural social management resources are as readily available as sunshine and rain

When resources like empathy, impartiality, integrity, kindness or compassion, for example, are employed with beneficial intent positive results ripple far beyond the initial action and improve the air of every social climate.

When the employment of these inherent principles are better understood and promoted, they encourage improved human relations that can lead to a more peaceful and purposeful global system.