TOPICAL STORM by Greg Lawson

Topical Storm is a compilation of nearly 900 thoughts, musings and expressions crystallized under the influence of global migrations, cultural discoveries and personal epiphanies by naturalist/photographer Greg Lawson.


How many things can you buy for only $29 that have lasting value?  Here’s something that does!

Did you know that when it comes to knowledge there are only three kinds of people?

  • Those with something to learn
  • Those with little to learn
  • Those with nothing to learn

Everyone you love will say Thank You when you share this mentally stimulating gift:

For those with something to learn Topical Storm presents more than 900 opportunities to promote mental vitality gleaned from life’s experiences. Surely they will say it  – “Thank You” for such a thoughtful life-enhancing gift!

For those with little to learn there are over 900 opportunities to visit a new or different perspective of matters they already have knowledge or opinions of … and they’ll surely say “Thank You” to you for sharing this cornucopia of thoughts and insights, some of which they may come to relish for life.

For those with nothing to learn there are more than 900 opportunities to acknowledge that they already knew this, or better yet, that they have a surpassing insight to anything they’ve read here … and that gives you the opportunity to say “Of course you do, dear. That’s why I gave you this collection – to validate what I already know about you.” – Then you’ll likely receive those two welcome words of appreciation: “Thank You!”