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Terrestrial Public Media and the Skylight show exist because of the generous support of our sponsors, including:

Sedona Center

Canyon Portal and Sinagua Plaza are side by shopping centers in Uptown Sedona, Arizona. Featuring restaurants plus a food court overlooking the beautiful red rocks Sedona is noted for, plus galleries, tourist connections and speciality gift shops, the centers are a magnet for Sedona visitors that can be visited online at:

Meadowlark Music

Skylight, produced by Terrestrial Public Media, thanks  Lynn Trombetta and Rick Cyge of Meadowlark Music for the use of their original score “African Skies” on Skylight which is heard online and in classic terrestrial broadcast markets.

SKYLIGHT can be heard  on terrestrial radio and on the world wide web on Sundays at 1:00 to 2:00 PM in Phoenix, Arizona at 1100 on the AM dial: KFNX

holefoods-greglawson-copy“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another”

Someone said the above quote, but they didn’t stick around long enough to take the credit.

This is often the attitude we appreciate in people that have the volunteer spirit. They give of themselves, not for themselves, but to provide a benefit that they discern is needed.

Be assured, whatever you choose to do in behalf of other people, fellow creatures, or the earth itself, is a choice you will likely always cherish.

There are many places online to find opportunities to extend a hand of willingness. Try visiting for example, and check out the opportunities to volunteer your positivity somewhere near,  or even somewhere far.


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