Could This Idea Trump Law-and-Order As We Know It?

Ask an educated person “What is the foundation for law?” and after a thoughtful pause the response you’ll often hear is the word “Principle.”

“If law is based on principle wouldn’t we be demonstrating great depth as a society if we were to strive to operate from the foundation of principle itself?” someone might reasonably ask.

Instituted law has its own validity because it can help create an equal playing field that’s beneficial to all in organizing vehicular traffic, managing health and safety matters, creating construction standards, deciding limits of governance, aiding with dispute resolution, etc.

However, the elevated human society of the future is going to operate from the basis itself rather than from appendages stemming from it.

Why is a Principles-First Intellection an Elevated Platform for Societal Management?

Consider three uncomplicated answers:

  • Principle is the first law and therefore it is universally accepted.
  • Principle represents natural law to us because we did not create it.
  • Principle comes to us without bias or prejudice of any kind. Human-crafted laws – regardless of their intent or purpose, are considered as jurisdictional, cultural, temporal, and sometimes even as biased impositions.

A Basic Outline for Orchestrating a Principles-Based Society

  • Teach principles basics at every level of scholastic and workplace education.
  • When possible let principles stand as the foundation for order without additional stemming.
  • Where possible let imposed law be employed as the consequence of violating principle.
  • Assure that people demonstrating an adherence to principle are the ones ascending into authoritative positions of responsibility.
  • Let the practice of principle be a preeminent basis for honor, ahead of scholastic or physical achievements.

The Lead Society

An introduction to the ideals of a principles-based society can get us thinking and conversing about the inevitable change ahead.  Imagine that instead of being a leader in competitive commercial, technological, or military endeavors, a nation will choose to channel its energies first into managing human relations. This election will naturally segue into an accomplished platform for all the tasks that follow.